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Systems for Art Businesses

Do you have systems in place to help you run your art business? Having a clear system and workflow in place will make things so much easier for you! Systems for art businesses don’t have to be purely technological – it could be a series of steps or process that you complete every time you create a new piece of art, or make a sale. Without systems, you’ll find yourself going round and round, chasing ad hoc customers, repeating steps, making mistakes and taking too much time over things. You will end up getting exhausted, burnt out and lacking that creativity we all need as artists.

Do you find yourself repeating the same tasks every time you create a piece of work? You create the art, whether it be a painting or sculpture. You spend time trying to engage with potential clients, marketing, social media etc. You sell the work. You head back into the studio and repeat the process. Imagine if you could automate parts of this process? How much time would you save? How much more headspace would you free up, giving you more time to create?

Systems for Art Businesses

As mentioned above, a system doesn’t have to be just a software programme. Some examples of systems for art businesses include:

  • A system for when you finish a piece of art, eg photographing it, adding it to your website inventory, posting it to social media, sending it to the gallery.
  • A system for shipping your orders, including postage and packing, insurance etc.
  • A system for helping people to complete a purchase – is everything on your website automated as much as possible? Is the customer journey clear and well thought out, guiding them from enquiry to purchase? How do you accept payments and communicate shipping progress with your clients?
  • A system for reintroducing past customers to your new work – do you sign them up for a newsletter to keep them informed of your new pieces?
  • A system for social media, blogging and email newsletters – how do you store your ideas? How often will you send your newsletters?
  • A system for accepting artwork commissions. How do you onboard these clients? How to you accept payment, and inform them when the work is ready? How do you communicate with your clients?

You can automate a lot of these processes. Using social media planning tools such as Later and Planoly allows you to batch your social media content, meaning you don’t have to be thinking of a new post every single day. Using email tools like Mailerlite or Convertkit means that when potential new customers join your mailing list, you can have an email welcome sequence already set up to nurture them into hopefully making a purchase in the future. Payment providers such as Square or Stripe can help to automate payments, making things easier for both you and your customers.

To start to create your process, think about the steps involved in each part of the process and decide whether any of these could be automated. You’ll be surprised at how much time you can save!

Why Are Systems Important for Your Art Business?

Having a system in place for each aspect of your art business will save you time and energy, meaning you can focus more of your time on doing what you love. It means there is no repetition of steps, fewer mistakes being made and you spend less time doing the admin and more time in the studio! It will help you feel more organised and as a result you’ll feel less like you’re always playing catch up.

Simple put, having systems for your art business just makes everything flow with ease. We go into systems for art businesses more in Passion to Profit . You can also join one of my free Masterclasses where I show you the Four Key Steps to Consistent Art Sales. Register for this and you’ll soon be on your way to creating a plan to reach your goals. You can also check out more art business tips on the blog, or follow on Instagram for more business tips for artists.


  1. Amanda, this is most helpful. I have been feeling very lost recently and know that need to spend time putting systems in place to make sure that I am organised and can grow my business. This is really wonderfully written and will act as a reminde of what I need to focus on.

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