Nice to Meet You

I came back to art quite late in life, after starting out as a professional dancer.  I always loved the way art gave me freedom to express myself, and would get lost for hours on end with my paints.  

Then responsibility crept in, and so too did the opinions of others..."You can't make money from art"....."Don't make life difficult for yourself, choose a career that pays well" etc etc.  I'm sure you've heard them too.  Only I listened, and despite there being several career crossroads in my life I always chose the option that I thought would support me and my children, rather than the one that would light me up inside.  

And I did well for a while.  I worked for several years at a University helping academics write business plans and then writing bids to secure funding for them.  I saw a lot of business ideas, some good, some awful and I developed an eye for what worked commercially.  


I then went on to do my Masters Degree in Business before setting up two multiple six-figure (award-winning) businesses from scratch.  But something was missing. 

Why am I telling you all this?  

Because despite all that experience and success in business, deep down I was still afraid to go after my dreams and build what my heart yearned for - a business that would allow me to create art and sell it, consistently and profitably.

That was until a couple of years ago, when a period of burnout (which by the way is what you end up with when you squash down your dreams and don't pursue them!) caused me to re-evaluate my priorities....... 

Which brings me to why I do what I do...

At that point I looked around and saw other artists making a fantastic living, online, selling their artwork, living free and abundant lives and I thought to myself "If they can do it, then so can I".

That was the point everything changed.  I made a commitment, and when you do that FULLY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY, the universe has your back.  It sounds like a fairytale but I began to apply what I'd learned from my 15 years of business experience and BOOM!  Almost straight away my hopes and dreams all started to take shape and I secured over £5000 of commissions in just 10 days! Yep you heard me right.  I couldn't believe it. 

I knew there was no going back - I could see my future as an artist and entrepreneur as clear as day and I felt relief.  Huge relief.  The depression that had plagued me on and off for over 20 years started (very slowly) to lift.  

I now create almost every day and continue to sell my work regularly and profitably, and could not be happier.  I get to spend time with my boys, I'm less stressed, I actually work LESS because I have the correct systems in place to grow my business and automate the tasks that don't need a personal touch. 

I love art and I love business and now I get to do both.  Helping others discover the same freedom, passion and fulfilment has become my mission.

And do you know what...?  It's not easy but it's simple when you follow the right steps. 

Yes life still has challenges, my dishwasher packs in, the boys fight, my car sets on fire (yep that's true!) but I'm so grateful for my life day-to-day that none of the small stuff mattters.

love Amanda xo

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