You're an aspiring (or emerging) artist that loves to paint and dreams about making a full time living doing what you love BUT you are confused about where to start.  Perhaps you have never run a business before and the thought of all that admin and selling terrifies you. 

The truth is it is absolutely possible to make a full time income from your passion IF you  know  the basics: what makes people buy art, where can you find and connect with those people and how you price your work for profit.  

I go through all of this and SO MUCH MORE in the 'Passion into Profit' (PiP) Programme.....

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Facebook Ads for Artists

So you've heard about Facebook ads and know that they are one of the fastest ways to boost your following, engage with potential buyers and increase your sales.  But how the heck do you get started?! 

In this short course I'll walk you through how to set up an ad account, what type of ads to focus on and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can cost you a LOT of money if you don't know what you're doing! 

This course alone has the potential to skyrocket your business.

unlocked as bonus content IN 'PIP'

How to Get FREE Press Coverage as an Artist

Have you ever wondered how people get featured in press and magazines?  Because those that do, get their work exposed to hundreds if not thousands more potential buyers.   Learn the tricks of the trade with this mini course on how to get your business noticed - including insider knowledge on where journalists to go seek out potential subjects for articles. 
Good press = buyer confidence = more sales!

unlocked as bonus content IN 'PIP'




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