For passion-driven artists looking to create a thriving and profitable art business in 90 days or less  

(Even if you're not tech savvy, have no clue about social media and would rather chew your old paintbrushes than say your prices out loud)

*82% of art buyers bought paintings on online websites in 2020
vs. just 36% in 2019!  

The way art is sold is changing!   Online sales are growing FAST and traditional methods are dying out equally fast. 

You can either adapt and succeed or you can stay stuck in the old ways and struggle

But that simply isn't true anymore. 

There are so many opportunities out there now for you as an artist to create the work you love..... from originals, prints, commissions, licensing, wholesaling, art on products, workshops, classes, memberships and more

AND you can reach the EXACT customers who love what you create,  via the internet

You DON'T have to rely on local footfall 

AND you don't have to pay huge commissions/fees

Because you no longer HAVE to go to shows, exhibit, find gallery representation, or trade time for money   
Instead you can reach tens of thousands of your ideal customers, in a way that feels good!

The problem is, so many artists are stuck in an outdated mindset because we have been conditioned to believe that artist's have to struggle!

You lack confidence and doubt yourself

You know what you want to achieve but you are unsure of where to start

You love making art but you have little-to-no clue about how to market your work and feel totally overwhelmed with social media

You don't know how to find your ideal customers or how to make your work stand out

You are not tech savvy so the whole idea of making sales online leaves you staring blankly into space

But maybe at the moment ....

And let's face it, unfortunately we all recognise some of these...

You know you need help but you don't know who to trust

The 'it worked for me' coach:  Who only teaches one route to success (eg Facebook ads) because it's the route they took, HOWEVER, just because it worked for their situation doesn't mean it will work for you. Every artists path is going to look different.

The 'trust me I'm here for you' coach:  Who promises support but disappears faster than Houdini once you're signed up. #theworst

The 'fake promises' coach:  Who guarantees to show you how to reach £100k in 30 days.  (No-one can guarantee results, because it's also down to the work you put in, so beware of fake promises that seem too good to be true.  They probably are). 

Someone that has a proven track record in setting up and scaling their own successful businesses.   

A broad understanding of different types of business offerings because if you want to know how to run profitable workshops/courses, or if you want to understand how to create a thriving print business, you need someone with experience that can guide you. 

Someone who has achieved results not just for themselves but for other artists too .... as knowing something and teaching it effectively are two COMPLETELY different things. 

And that person has to care deeply about the success of their students with testimonials to demonstrate this.

Someone who will walk with you until you reach your goals.

That someone is me. 

So who do you trust?

I have built (and sold) two multiple six-figure businesses and I love helping other artists sell more art and build businesses doing what they love!  

Having pushed aside my creative dreams to be for waaaaayyy too long (because I believed the whole starving artist rubbish).

 I'm now super passionate about making sure that not a single talented artist out there misses out on success, just because they don't think it's possible or they don't know how.

I built my two businesses from scratch, as a single mum (one award-winning), have a Masters Degree in Business, and have advised everyone from architects to mathematicians, graphic designers to language specialists., bringing in over £5m in business support funding to a University business department....but my passion is artists ......that's what I am and that's what I love!

And the good news for you is that my passion for all things art, makes your results even more incredible! 

Hi, I'm Amanda

As seen in

DEFINE what your future as an artist looks like and exactly how to get there, quickly and in a way that feels aligned with you and your values

GET CLEAR on your STYLE and discover the type of work that excites you so you get to sell what you LOVE making!  Every. Single. Day.

Create multiple streams of income by identifying what product and/or services you want to offer in your art business, ensuring you never have to worry if one of those income stream dips slightly

OVERCOME confidence issues that are holding you back, so that you can make braver decisions that bring jaw-dropping results!

TAKE DROOL-INDUCING PHOTOS that makes your work look desirable, aspirational AND naturally ATTRACTS your ideal customer

PRICE your work so that it's marketable, PROFITABLE and an easy YES for your customers whilst you achieve your worth! No more discounting to attract bargain seekers. 

GROW your list adding hundreds, if not thousands, of engaged prospective buyers to your email and social media following........because the bigger your list the more sales you can make. 

Set up automated SYSTEMS that take care of your sales and marketing, so that you have more precious time in the studio to CREATE. 

LAUNCH products or collections in a way that feels good and results in sales! 

I'll show you how to BUILD the business YOU want, in a way that works for you 

I will show you (in under 90 days) how to:

and get results like these.....


 Made her course investment back within 4 weeks, and had made it back FIVE times over, by the time she got to the end of the course!


Increased her email list from 240 to 1200 in just 3 months


Growing a business can be TOUGH

If you want results like these, it won't happen from 'trying to figure it out' on your own.

Building a profitable art business can take years and that's if you ever make it. 

 In fact, I've seen it time and time again, that trying to figure it out on your own is likely to cause more stress, wasted time and usually ends up with you doubting your art, or even worse, giving up altogether. This makes me so sad, when it was simply an issue of not following the correct path.


Sold an original painting on week 3 of the programme!


Temporarily closed her books just after the end of the course as she was fully booked with commissions

But with the right blueprint, you can......




Keep wasting valuable time and effort, trying to figure it out alone.  HOW WILL YOU FEEL IF 3-6 months FROM NOW YOU'RE NO FURTHER FORWARDS?

Use the next 10 weeks to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and lots of other artists..... and watch as the sales start to flow in

Heck yes, it's a no-brainer! LET ME IN

Raise your prices and charge your worth without your customers blinking an eyelid

Feel confident talking about your work when someone asks what kind of art you create

Know that you are creating good work that has a positive impact on others and you are being paid well for it

Get into that lovely creative flow state safe in the knowledge that you know regular, profitable sales are happening

But without a blueprint it's like being in a maze without a map, you constantly take wrong turns that cost you valuable time and energy, not to mention knock your confidence when you make embarrassing mistakes. 

So why not fast-track your results with no trial-and-error.....learn from my successes (and failures!) and get there in half the time by following a proven framework that has worked for me and so many other artists. 

Feel happy and relaxed, and have time to spend with your family & friends, rather than working two jobs just to make ends meet

Have the money to invest in developing your skills as an artist with courses and new materials

Here's what's included in Passion into Profit....

Passion into Profit includes my ART SALES ACCELERATOR FRAMEWORK.

THE only proven step-by-step system for artists that results in consistent, profitable art sales.  How?   Let's take a look..... 

Then, we move onto:

Design your art business around the work you LOVE making, so that your business is SUSTAINABLE 

Get clear on your WHY as an artist, so that you always stay passionate and inspired.  Customers connect with and buy from passionate artists!

Define your style and your artistic voice (brand) so that your buyers trust you and love what you offer. 

Create and present coherent collections that look professional and know that you are creating meaningful work that will have an impact!

Choose what to focus your energies on, from prints to originals, wholesaling to licensing and so much more.  I guide you on what income streams will work well for you

Video tutorials on how to build multiple streams of income in your business so if sales dip in one area you are safe in the knowledge that you still have income

Learn the critical '8 pillars of a successful art business' so that you can have a business other artists only dream of!

How to photograph and present your work to make it shine AND increases the perceived value, so you confidently achieve a great price every time

A breakdown of the phone or camera settings and file types to use for exceptional prints - a superb passive income stream for your business!

A great hack for how to get incredible quality images if you don't have a camera, saving you time, space in the studio and money!

My entire resource list of time-saving apps and gadgets, that take your photos from average to pro in minutes

I walk you through which websites are best for selling art and why, PLUS the amazing apps and email providers that build trust and help with sales conversions

We build your fully functioning and beautiful e-commerce website, and social media selling platforms using stunning templates, including full step-by-step video walk-throughs so even technophobes find it a breeze

Learn a simple formula that makes your pricing consistent and always profitable (even if you hate numbers!)

Video tutorials and done-for-you examples on how to create professional looking invoices and commission contracts 

Discover how to increase sales and profits with a 'value ladder' 

Get my financial planning toolkit, which means you can see whether your business is profitable - at a glance!



How to quickly and easily find collectors that are naturally attracted to your work

The 3 main ingredients to selling art successfully - this is a gamechanger!!

How to attract buyers to your work (pull) instead of selling (push), a method that is SO much more effective.

How to create engaging content both on social media and in your newsletters

4 quick ways to gain an extra 1000 followers

How to work with influencers to 10x your reach (including a done-for-you pitch)

How to market organically and via paid ads, inc which works best for you so you have a solution, whatever your budget


Learn the exact process I use, that attracts and converts hundreds of new people onto my list
every month on autopilot

Once you've perfected this system YOU decide when you 'turn up the volume' and bring new customers in on-demand

Learn how to streamline your systems and automate a lot of your sales and marketing, so you have more time to create, after all, you didn't become an artist to spend all your time on business stuff

I show you the best places to market your work both on and offline

Discover what 10 triggers makes buyers say YES, so that you can use them in your web descriptions and social media posts for maximum results

The 4 different types of collection launches that have your customers ready, waiting and excited

A SUPER VALUABLE diagnostic tool that quickly problem-solves areas of your business so that you can quickly move forwards


In this stage we learn how to:

Next it's:

Finally, the secret sauce...

You know in your heart, that you can do more.   The question is what are you going to DO about it?

JUST IMAGINE...In just a few months you could have:

A clearly defined voice as an artist and a business that silences those naysayers with regular, profitable sales!
A roadmap on what your future looks like as an artist and how to get there quickly and easily, saving you precious time and energy
Work that lights you up and provides several income streams, so you never have to worry about cash flow
A bigger email list full of people who love your work and are ready to buy
A more engaged social media following that don't just like and comment, they make a purchase!

More art sales and more FREEDOM


Choose your plan TODAY

value £1997

value £497

Never get stuck implementing any of the course info with these invaluable small group calls where I answer your questions, provide insights and help you see what may be blocking your progress.  With student work reviews and the chance to HOTSEAT your issue

THIS IS INVALUABLE because I am there to catch you if you go off-course.  You get  total peace of mind that you're always heading in the right direction under my guidance. 

Weekly Q&a/small group calls with hotseat

end of module surveys that I PERSONALLY MONITOR TO make sure you are on the right track BEFORE YOU MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STAGE!


this stage includes 16 video lessons, 2 text lessons, 1 planner 2 cheatsheets, 2 done-for-you examples, and an incredible guest interview on money mindset & confidence  (& 2 surveys to make sure you're on track, before you move onto the next stage!)

this stage includes over 30 video lessons, 2 text lessons, a resource list, more done-for-you examples, a pricing calculator and two expert interviews: secrets of a leading photographer on taking shots like a pro, plus a behind-the-scenes interview with a successful abstract artist on painting secrets & how she secured a licensing deal for her work (& the module surveys so i can review your progress)

this stage includes over 15 video lessons, 4 text lessons, cheatsheets, printables for your studio wall and an expert interview on 'how to write sales copy that gets them whipping out their wallet', from leading branding and magnetic messaging expert (& surveys to measure results)

this stage includes over 3 video lessons, 5 text lessons, 2 cheatsheets and an expert interview where you steal the secrets of a facebook ads specialist on growing your audience and scaling your business (& a final survey to track your overall results from the programme)






Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

save almost £300!

1 x payment of £1497

buy now



6 x paymentS of £297

buy now

(Approx $390)

(Approx $1950)

when you click the link to buy, you immediately get access to the first stage of the programme - the design stage, so you can get started right away!!

I also know you've been asking yourself....
 Will this work for me?

Passion into Profit is designed for creatives who want to make a sustainable income from their work.  The programme will work whatever country you are in too, as the systems are global and designed to help you sell online to an international market. 




Visual Artists


Art tutors

If you're not sure if Passion into Profit will work for your niche, send me a message and I'll let you know honestly (yes, I do say no to people if it's not a good fit) 

And other creators/makers


 Made her course investment back FIVE times over, by the time she got to the end of the course! She has regular international sales and her following has increased from 1500 to almost 12000


I've sold 15 originals and around 30 prints since starting the course 8 months ago, which for me is brilliant. Bearing in mind I thought no-one would buy my art!!”

Want these kind of results....? don't waste any more time


Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

save almost £300!

1 x payment of £1497

buy now



6 x paymentS of £297

buy now

(Approx $390)

(Approx $1950)

when you click the link to buy, you immediately get access to the first stage of the programme - the design stage, so you can get started right away!!

I only want students in this programme that are ready to take action and do the work. 

This programme has over 20 years of business experience within it that ensures that you get phenomenal results. I know that the information and instruction contained in the programme will give you everything you need to take your art career to the next level and beyond. 

I also know that if you do the work, you'll make way more than your initial investment back. 

The programme is ONLY for those committed to giving it their all. 

However, if you do decide that the programme isn't right for you then I offer a 14 day money back guarantee so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the programme is risk free. To qualify for this refund you must have completed at least 3 of the lessons but not more than 10.  That will give you a good enough idea of whether it's right for you. 

Do the work, get the results

I have had two commissions already in the last month.  I feel so much more confident about my work and about making a living from it!


The one thing I realised that stood between myself and making an income from my Art was "Me" and that I needed to have a great programme like Passion Into Profit to accomplish it - especially since it is Tailored Beautifully for an Artist's mind set.

My followers have grown by 1000 and just from a social media post someone ordered four originals and 12 prints!


Passion into Profit helped me understand what I need to focus on in order to gain ideal customers and genuine contacts, and the ways in which I go about this.  Everything is easy to follow with step by step instructions.

Also I am now able to see the value in my work and no longer undercharge! ;-)

RACHEL FROM rvl paintings

I am so glad I came on board Amanda. This is a course that delivers what it says on the tin. It's a must-do for any artist!!



Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

save almost £300!

1 x payment of £1497

buy now



6 x paymentS of £297

buy now

(Approx $390)

(Approx $1950)

when you click the link to buy, you immediately get access to the first stage of the programme - the design stage, so you can get started right away!!

With the right roadmap you can dispel the 'starving artist' myth and create a business that not only makes sales whilst you sleep, but puts you in the same league as artists you've always aspired to be like

As the online art market grows can you afford NOT to be a part of it?

I'm not going to feed you bull here - you will need to spend some time setting up systems and connecting with your potential customers. 

BUT if you do it right, a lot of it is set on autopilot (like your new customer email sequence) and I also show you the very best time-saving, hassle-free tools to leave you time to do what you're best at - creating! 

if i spend time on the business, i WON'T GET TIME TO CREATE?

In today's marketplace, the opportunity to sell online means you can reach so many more potential buyers. But your future buyer has to *see* your art and *resonate* with you. So, you need to have a plan in place for how to stand out, connect with potential buyers and create the connection that have them coming back for more. 

Good news: You do NOT have to become an expert marketer - you need only to implement this system (without being 'salesy') and you will go a long way to creating a raving fan base. 

 shouldn't good art sell itself?



The programme has been designed with artists and makers in mind. No matter your experience with technology or business, you will be able to process everything in actionable pieces - I meet you where you are. You can choose your approach according to your comfort level - there are options for basic set ups and also more advanced set ups. 

Plus I give you all the step-by-step tech walkthroughs making it super simple.  AND you have access to the weekly calls for support, if you do get stuck.


You have access to the programme for life so can pursue at your own pace, and revisit the material. Depending on your starting point e.g whether you have an existing website, etc., you could complete the programme in as little as 10-12 weeks.  You also get 6 months support from me with the option to extend should you want/need to.

Most people will want to take a little longer and I'd say the average would be 12-16 weeks. You also have access to the Private Community (not on FB) and weekly Q&A calls.

Not if you want results quickly.    Sure you can take the time to figure out how to sell some art.  But this course shows you how to sell art profitably and consistently.  Sales do not just happen on their own.  You need a system in place to identify what works and replicate it, because you are building a sustainable business not a 'one hit wonder'.
You need to know what makes the difference between success and failure, how to structure your business with multiple streams of income and how to do it in a way that sustains you and your art practice. 

 can't i just figure this out on my own?

what if i can't make the live calls?

Honestly - a lot! Although, I've structured the programme so that you can go through it without road blocks, everyone's journey is different and there are always questions and potential hiccups.

You get regular check ins at the end of each module so I can make sure you're on the right path.

The 6 x monthly Q&A sessions are live and we coach through ideas, opportunities and problems.

We also have a private community where you can chat with and support each other and both me and a student ambassador are in there almost daily too, answering your questions.  


If you can't make the live calls they are all recorded and placed in the membership portal so you can view them at your convenience.

I'm ready!

(Click here to get started right away)