(Even if you're not tech savvy, have no clue about social media and would rather chew your old paintbrushes than say your prices out loud)

Passion Into Profit

For passion-driven artists looking to create a thriving and profitable art business in as little as 90 days

Do your dream of being a successful artist?

Maybe right now it's just all feeling out of reach. That no matter what you do, you can’t quite seem to crack the code of what it takes to run an online art business without the overwhelm


Yep, that dream

Maybe you’re unsure where exactly your ideal customers are hiding or how to make your work stand out from the crowd 

Maybe you’re not tech savvy so the whole idea of making sales online leaves you staring blankly at your computer

Maybe you’ve been told “art is a hobby not a career” and you’re starting to second guess if making a living from this is even possible…

YES - It is absolutely possible to create a successful online art business (over 200 students and counting are proof of this)!
You don’t have to subscribe to the “starving artist myth” one moment longer
And it can be a lot simpler and faster than you think to start making sales right now

Here's what
I want you to know...

Hey, I'm Amanda

But my passion is helping artists... that's what I am and that's what I love! 

I’m a business-geek turned-artist and I love helping other artists become stand-out successes online.  
I’m an award winning business owner who’s built three multiple six figure businesses from scratch as a single mum of two.

I have a Masters Degree in Business, and have advised everyone from architects to mathematicians, graphic designers to language specialists, bringing in over £5m in business support funding to a University business department....

Solly, who went from zero sales to being featured in a London gallery and selling that exhibition piece for £5500

Jay who went from making $30 in an entire year to $9000 in just one month

Lynsay who made her course investment back 5X over, doubled her annual income and grew her following from 1500 to over 30,000 

Artists like...

And in the space of as little as 90 days, they shift from overwhelmed and clueless around how to build an online business, to getting business-transforming, life-changing results

Over 200 artists (and counting) have joined my
Passion Into Profit program

Artists with big dreams just like you

Ste who increased his instagram following from 4500 to over 10,000 (and said if he carried on selling at this rate he would have no work left to put on his website when it launches)!

there must be something special or different about them, but all of these artists started exactly where you are now, and the only difference is they decided to do something about it

I know what you’re thinking

Leading to overwhelm, stress, and wasted time and money,

when all they really needed was access to a proven roadmap to succeed,

and the support and mentorship of someone who has the experience, know-how and proven track record to guide them

Posting on social media without a strategy

Trying to appeal to everybody instead of niching down and getting specific

Approaching selling the ‘wrong’ way or not at all, then wondering why no-one is buying

You see, the biggest mistake most artists make is trying to figure it all out on their own

To support artists to shift from spinning their wheels to profitable sales in as little as 90 days, (and with a full six months of support with me)


This is why I created my

4 Step


Because it’s not enough to create amazing art…

You also need to know how to present it, market it and sell it if you want to create a profitable business versus simply creating a money-draining hobby 

Like Mel, who sold two of her most expensive paintings to date and secured a commission within the same week, then in the week of her website launch sold 3 large paintings and a number of smaller pieces because she knew exactly how to connect with her audience

Like Emily, who secured a spot in a prestigious gallery as well as being showcased as a featured artist with an online magazine and is now making sales through her brand new website just 10 weeks after joining 

Just imagine if you could…

And most importantly,
smash that “starving artist” myth once and for all 

Spend more time in your creative zone, safe in the knowledge that regular, profitable sales are flowing in around the clockRaise your prices and charge your worth without your customers even blinking

Feel clear and confident describing your work when someone asks what kind of art you create (instead of rambling that only results in polite, blank stares)

Raise your prices and charge your worth without your customers even blinking

Raise your prices and charge your worth without your customers even blinking

Have the money to invest in developing your skills as an artist with courses and new materials

So that you too can enjoy results like my amazing students


Passion Into Profit

DEFINE what your future as an artist looks like and exactly how to get there, quickly and in a way that feels aligned with you and your values

GET CLEAR on your STYLE and discover the type of work that excites you so you get to sell what you LOVE creating (without selling your soul) 

Create multiple streams of income by identifying what product and/or services you want to offer in your art business, ensuring you never have to worry if one of those income stream dips slightly

Launch products or collections with confidence in a way that feels good and results in sales!

In a nutshell, I'll show you how to build the business YOU want, on your terms (and keep you accountable to make it a reality)

I show you how to fast-track your results so that in as little as 90 days you can:

Total value: £900

  • 2 modules

  • 8 lessons

  • 7 worksheets and 1 financial toolkit

  • A pricing calculator

  • An incredible guest interview on money mindset & confidence ( & 2 Surveys to make sure you're on track, before you move onto the next stage!)


Step 1

What's included:

In Step 1 we lay the foundation for limitless sales and sustainable success by getting crystal clear around your uniqueness as an artist and a business model that works for your lifestyle.

Here's exactly what we cover in the program

Learn the 8 essential pillars of a successful art business and know exactly how to create an impact that other artists only dream of

Get clear on your WHY as an artist and design your business around the work you love creating so you can create long term success 
Learn a simple formula that makes pricing your art easy and profitable (even if you hate numbers!)

Steal my financial planning toolkit, to confidently know at a glance if your business is turning a profit 
Understand how to build multiple streams of income in your business by knowing what to focus your energy on (from prints to originals; wholesaling to licensing) so if sales dip in one area you’re always covered

Total value: £1800

Discover which websites are best for selling art and why, plus the must-have apps and software to help you build an audience of ideal clients that skyrocket your sales 

Simple hacks to photograph and present your collections in a professional way that builds your reputation and helps achieve a great price every time

Swipe my entire resource list of time-saving apps and gadgets, that take your photos from average to pro in 5 minutes flat and create exceptional quality prints that boost your sales (even if you don’t have a camera)

Define your style and your artistic voice (brand) so that your competition becomes irrelevant and you create an audience of raving fans and buyers

You’ll create a fully functioning and beautiful e-commerce website and social media selling platforms using stunning templates. (My step-by-step video walk-throughs make this so simple that even technophobes find it a breeze)

  • 2 Modules 

  • 8 lessons

  • Your branding kit and social media templates and prompts done-for-you

  • A choice of premium designed-for-you website templates (with the option for someone to build it out for you)

  • Your email script templates written for you

  • 2 expert interviews: "Secrets of a leading photographer on taking shots like a pro", plus a "Behind-the-scenes" interview with a successful abstract artist on painting secrets & how she secured a licensing deal for her work



Here we focus on sharing your gifts with the world by creating a stand-out online presence making it easy for the right buyers to find you 

What's included:


Total value: £1500

  • 2 Modules

  • 6 lessons

  • Pitches and scripts written for you

  • Full social media training by a social media manager on how to sell on socials

  • An expert interview on "How to write sales copy that gets them whipping out their wallet", from leading branding and magnetic messaging expert

  • An expert session on "How to sell art & grow your business on Pinterest"



In this step you’ll learn how to attract ideal clients ready to buy so that you can make sales with ease (and never feel pushy or awkward again) 

What's included:

Discover how to quickly and easily find collectors who are attracted to your work and ready to invest
The 3 keys to selling art successfully so you can have conversations with potential buyers with confidence - this is a game-changer!!
How to create engaging content for social media and email newsletters (without spending all day at your computer) with done-for-you scripts
Learn how to drive FREE traffic to your website (once you've perfected this system you can bring new customers in on-demand)
How to work with online influencers and other collaborators to 10x your reach (including the exact scripts to help you pitch to them in a way that gets a yes)
Simple strategies to reach 100x more customers (both on and offline) so you can scale your business when you are ready.

Total value: £1250

  • 2 Modules

  • 6 Text lessons

  • 3 sales 'systems' designed for you 

  • Email scripts that will increase your sales by up to 40%, written for you

  • An expert interview where you steal the secrets of a Facebook Ads specialist on growing your audience and scaling your business

  • A printable roadmap of the entire system



Here you’ll discover how to create systems that grow your audience by the day, stops the scroll online and converts more viewers into buyers on repeat 

What's included:

Learn how to streamline your systems and automate the majority of your sales and marketing, so you have more time to create and less time in the office
Discover the 5 psychological triggers that leads buyers to say YES, so you can create highly converting, stop-the-scroll copy for your website and social media 
I reveal my exact ‘traffic engine’ that will drive new customers to your website and result in consistent art sales 

Steal my 30/60/90 day marketing plan to help you make more sales
Access my trouble-shooting diagnostic tool that instantly identifies which areas of your business aren’t performing so you can quickly resolve issues 

you get my hands on, personalised support to guide you every step of the way


Unlike many other coaching programs, in Passion Into Profit you’ll never get stuck implementing any of the course info with the personalised support I offer that ensures you're always heading in the right direction under my guidance.

This personalised support includes:

VALUE £497

  • At the end of each stage of the 4 step framework, you complete a module survey, so that I can make sure that you are on track

  • This is invaluable, so that I can give you the right level of support to help you achieve your goals

  • You get total peace of mind that you're always heading in the right direction under my guidance


VALUE £1997

  • You’ll access live monthly calls with me personally for 6 months, so you’ll never get stuck implementing any of the course info,

  • You can choose from: 10AM UK time (7PM in Sydney) or 7PM UK time,

  • You’ll be able to get your burning questions answered with the chance of hot seats to trouble-shoot your specific issues, and tap into the insights, lessons and shared accountability from the wider group


This incredible Private Community is a space where you will be fully supported by me, my team and your peers. 

It is a safe space for you to ask questions, request feedback, discuss ideas and get help overcoming any obstacles. It’s a wonderful community where you will learn, grow and make lifelong friends. 

Simply choose your payment plan


Heck yes, it's a no-brainer, let me in!


6 x payments of £397



Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

(save almost £400!)
1 x payment of £1997




Visual Artists
Art tutors
And other creators/makers

Passion into Profit is designed for creatives who want to make a sustainable income from their work.

That includes:

Maybe you're wondering...
will this really work for me?

If you're not sure if Passion into Profit will work for your niche, send me a message and I'll let you know honestly (yes, I've said no to people if it's not a good fit) 


Want these kind of results...?
Don't waste anymore time!


6 x payments of £397



Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

(save almost £400!)
1 x payment of £1997




Right now, you have two choices

Use the next 90 days to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and over 100 other artists... and watch your dreams turn to reality as the sales start to flow in 

Choice #2

Keep wasting valuable time and effort, trying to figure it out alone whilst knowing in your heart you’re meant for so much more

Choice #1

Risk-Free Guarantee

I only want students in this programme that are willing to take action and do the work. 
In this programme you’ll benefit from my 20 years of business experience and personalised guidance to ensure you get phenomenal results.

I know that the information and instruction contained in the programme will give you everything you need to take your art career to the next level and beyond. 

I also know that if you do the work, you'll make way more than your initial investment back

The programme is ONLY for those committed to giving it their all. 
However, if you do the work, attend at least 75% of the calls, and you haven't AT LEAST made your investment back, then you can stay on for support, with me, until you do.  So you can be safe in the knowledge that the programme is risk free*.


**T&Cs apply 

**T&Cs apply 

Join us today and access £2800 worth of business building bonuses for FREE

Do the work, get the results

Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

(save almost £400!)
1 x payment of £1997





6 x payments of £397





Frequently Asked Questions

In today's marketplace, the opportunity to sell online means you can reach so many more potential buyers. But your future buyer has to see your art and resonate with you. So, you need to have a plan in place for how to stand out, connect with potential buyers and create the connection that have them coming back for more. 
The good news: You do NOT have to become an expert marketer - you need only to implement this system (without being 'salesy') and you will go a long way to creating a raving fan base.

I'm not going to feed you bull here - you will need to spend some time setting up systems and connecting with your potential customers. 
BUT if you do it right, a lot of it is set on autopilot (like your new customer email sequence) and I also show you the very best time-saving, hassle-free tools to leave you time to do what you're best at - creating! 

The programme has been designed with artists and makers in mind. No matter your experience with technology or business, you will be able to process everything in actionable pieces - I meet you where you are. You can choose your approach according to your comfort level - there are options for basic set- ups and also more advanced. 
Plus I give you all the step-by-step tech walkthroughs making it super simple. AND you have access to the monthly calls for support, if you do get stuck.

You have access to the programme for life so can pursue at your own pace, and revisit the material. Depending on your starting point e.g whether you have an existing website, etc., you could complete the programme in as little as 10-12 weeks. You get 6 MONTHS SUPPORT with me and you can extend that should you want/need to.

Most people take 12-15 weeks to work through the modules then they use the remaining 12 weeks support to test and refine, with my help. You also have access to the Private Community and monthly Q&A calls.

Not if you want results quickly! Sure, you can take the time to figure out how to sell some art. But this course shows you how to sell art profitably and consistently. Sales do not just happen on their own, you need a system in place to identify what works and replicate it, because the whole point is you want to create a sustainable business not a 'one hit wonder'.
You need to know what makes the difference between success and failure, how to structure your business with multiple streams of income and how to do it in a way that sustains you and your art practice.

Not a problem! All calls are recorded and placed in the private support community so you can view them at your convenience.

Honestly - a lot! Although I've structured the programme so that you can go through it without roadblocks, everyone's journey is different and there are always questions and potential hiccups. You have access to the private community (not on FB) where I'm present throughout the week (and you can also learn from your fellow members). You get lifetime access to the course and support from me for 6 months. 
The monthly Q&A sessions are live (you submit the questions in advance so we can get through as many as possible within the hour, but I ensure all the questions are addressed! :)

You have a 4 day window to enrol and after that you will be able to join as-and-when a space comes available but it would not include the bonuses. If you are ready to take action, sign up now.   The price is going to increase in the very near future too. 

If you’re ready for more art sales and more freedom...
If you’re ready to prove the naysayers wrong...
If you’re ready to say yes to your dreams and make this happen...



Join us today and access £2800 worth of business building bonuses for FREE

Finally master selling your art and start living the awesome life you dream of. 

(save almost £400!)
1 x payment of £1997





6 x payments of £397