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DEFINE what your future as an artist looks like and exactly how you'll get there

CREATE multiple streams of income

ELEVATE your work though beautiful branding and photography

Learn exactly how to ATTRACT your ideal buyer

PRICE your work so that it's marketable and most importantly PROFITABLE.

Set up automated SYSTEMS that grow your list and leave  more time to CREATE. 

Get the complete A-Z implementation plan plus Q&A support so you have help every step of the way! 

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Since starting the course 4 months ago: Art sales have increased by 210%. I made my initial course investment back within 4 weeks of the programme starting. Since then I’ve made my investment back 5 times over.

One of my biggest achievements is now making international sales regularly.

My followers have grown from 1500 to 11500 (now 32k+) and they are more engaged – leading to more art enquiries and dm’s. I have sold several pieces just through social media alone.

I went from making $30 in sales in a year, to $9000 in one month (after she joined Passion into Profit).  I had no idea it was possible to make that much in a month.

Jay Young

I've sold over 10 paintings (almost £4500) in the last couple of months and my website isn't even ready yet.